June 12, 2016

Bearly Safe game trailer is finally here!! Special Thanks to 2Animators

May 11, 2016

April 2016

Bearly Safe Is coming soon!!

Our Apps

Bearly Safe

Our newest app, debuting in June 2016, is an exciting 'Endless Runner' game that features our cutest characters yet! Race with our adorable little guppy, named Flash, upstream facing the wrath from the King of the forest, Maximus (the Grizzly Bear)! In this fast paced game, simply take control of Flash and friends to swim upstream while dodging hungry bears. However, hungry bears are not the only thing you should worry about. The river is filled with obstacles and hungry creatures looking for tonight’s dinner. During your adventure, feel free to use our awesome upgrades to survive longer and earn more rewards. We also provided pickups to use in game. So far we offer ‘Whirlpool’ to pull coins towards Flash. Pick up a glowing Trident to activate 'Tidal Wave' to surf high above while picking up bonus coins. A 'Bubble' pick up can be used to absorb one hit and grant bonus swim speed! Swim as far as you can to make a splash on the Leaderboards. Show your friends who the biggest fish in the pond is!

Chef Madness:Pizza Edition

Our Second App, was released in September 2015. Under the madness of a busy 'Mom & Pop' pizza shop, try to keep up with making as many pizza pies as possible! Remember, the customer is always right, so mind their requests! (Even if it's anchovies and mushrooms *YUCK*) Become the Top Chef on the leader boards by quickly serving customers in single player. To make it super mad, utilize Game Center to play head to head against friends or another pizza shop owner. See which Chef can make it through the Madness! During the crazy rush, look out for some wacky and familiar faces. Remember to keep your work station clean. Do not drop any toppings!

Trivia Smash

Our first exciting release! TriviaSmash made its way to the Apple store early September 2015. We are SUPER excited to share TriviaSmash to the world!

The Objective is to match 3 or more of the 'Triva Troop' of your choice to answer Trivia about that topic. Easy? Not so fast. We provided ways to slow your opponent from winning the highest score. You can Freeze their screens and use a decoy Trivia Trooper to slow them down. We also have player benefits that can be used during game play. If you dont know the Trivia question presented, then feel free to buy our 50/50 with Smash Bucks! Can't find a match quick enough? Then utilize the 'Mix' button for Smash Bucks! It's that easy! It's all about how fast you can fill up your bars and answer Trivia questions quickly to make your multiplier go up!


Donnie & Renee

As a two person team, we realized one of the hardest things to create is this 'About' Page. We have never been short on ideas, and have a list of application concepts waiting to be fleshed out. We started our company with a clear goal of creating something entertaining. Currently, Moarse Code is made up by one programmer and one graphic/web designer. What we lack in a large work force, we make up for with passion and sleepless nights. But we plan on expanding in the future to help bring MOAR apps to life. Trivia Smash, our first app, began with a simple idea. Over time, through many iterations we built our first application and received encouraging feedback.

Our Vision

We simply want to share what we love doing! We have worked countless hours to independently develop and design exciting applications. We are always looking for feedback to improve and grow as a company dedicated to its users.


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